Cuissons lentes

Slow cooking

braised & simmered

Slow cooking in conventional oven

To fully success a braised and get the desired tenderness it is important to select the perfect cut of meat. Several cuts, mostly from the front of the animals, are perfectly adapt to that type of cooking. Among our suggestions:

  • Shoulder or chuck, beef and veal
  • Shanks : beef, veal or lamb
  • Beef flat iron
  • Pork shoulder
  • Lamb: leg or shoulder
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Cooking in a Tagine

For this type of cooking, try to choose smaller pieces of meat, like chops or kebabs. An excellent way to turn into success your next Tagine is to use lamb or veal that is perfect for this type of cooking. Poultry,regular or wild such as quails or pintades, are also a very good choice for this cooking technic. Among our suggestions:

  • Veal shanks
  • Any pieces of lamb
  • Beef shanks, 1 inch thick
  • Wild meat and poultry
  • Veal or lamb cubes
  • Mergez
Cooking in a Tagine requires a broth or any sauce that will preserve moisture of the meat and ensure tenderness and flavor to your meal.

Offering a Tagine as a gift is certainly an original idea.



Probably the slowest cooking method but that is certainly one of the tastiest. And also probably the easiest way to prepare fabulous meals. The important is to choose the piece of meat to cook for the proper use. Some meat parts are just perfect for that type of cooking such as beef chuck roast or cross rib.

Try to choose pieces of meat containing a bone for additionnal flavour. Add your favorite broth, spice and leave for several hours.