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Combo boxes

Delivered at your door
Take advantage of substantial savings by opting for a combo featuring all your favorite products , all delivered to your door. Each order is prepared with care and only the best products are selected to be part of combos to ensure your highest satisfaction.

You save a minimum of 10% on the regulare prices in stores.

Combo 1

I lb bacon 1 lb pork and beef sausage 1lb butcher's steak 1lb beef stew 1 kg chicken legs with back 1 kg pork chops center cut 1 kg medium ground beef 1 meat pie

$ 45.00

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Combo 3

3 T-bone steaks 3 Ribeye steaks 3lb Medium ground beef 1.5kg Chicken legs with back 1.5kg Sirloin tip roast 1 box Meat ball stew

$ 87.00

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Combo 5

1kg Rib steak 1kg New-York Strip steak 1.5kg Sirloin roast 1.5kg Beef French roast 1kg Beef Brochette cubes 1 Whole grain fed chicken 1kg of bacon 1kg homemade sausages 5lb Lean ground beef 2lb Home cooked boneless pork roast

$ 150.00

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Combo 4

2lb Chinese fondue 3lb boneless pork loin roast 3lb beef French roast 3lb boneless beef blade roast 2lb medium lean ground beef 2lb back attached chicken legs 2lb boneless rib eye roast home cooked 1lb breakfast sausage pork and beef

$ 99.00

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Combo 2

1lb pork chops 1lb beef French steak 1lb medium lean ground beef 1lb pork and beef breakfast sausage 2lb boneless pork loin roast 2lb beef French roast 1lb beef stewing cubes 1 complete rack of honey garlic baby back spareribs, home cooked 150g boneless pork roast, home cooked, sliced for sandwiches 150g Home cooked boneless ribeye roast, marinated with Parisian sauce, sliced for sandwiches 150g mild capicollo 150g mild cheddar slices

$ 69.00

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Combo 6

2 packs Shrimp from Argentina 20/40, peeled (340g) 1 lb Atlantic salmon 1 lb Cod filet 2 seafood coquilles st-jaques 3 lb Lean ground beef 3 lb top sirloin beef roast 3 lb beef French roast 3 lb boneless beef blade roast 3 lb beef stewing cubes 3 lb beef French steak 3 lb boneless pork loin roast 3 lb center cut pork loin chops 1 meat pie 1 Greek Lasagna with béchamel sauce

$ 189.00

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