Cuissons des viandes

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Cooking beef

To fully enjoy your mets, you must get the perfect cooking temperature and the proper cooking technic. The graphic helps you figure out which tempaerature to reach to get the perfect steak, roast or minced meat.

Remember that every cooked meat needs to rest about half the cooking time before cutting and serving. Your meat wild continue cooking while you cover and reserve them for a few minutes. Use a thermometer to check your cooking temperature.

Minced meat

When you cook minced meat always keep in mind that food safety starts by the proper temperature for minced meat. It's more about security than flavor.

Every minced meat coming from the supermarket and even freshly grinded from the butcherstore has to be cook perfeclty above 165°F to make sure you and your guest are eating a safe product.

Read more about cooking on Governement of Canada for more details on cooking temperatures.

Cooking poultry

Chicken and other poultry will also need to be cooked beyond a certain temperature to ensure a fully safe product and taste as expected. Our little graphic indicates the temperatures to reach for whole chicken as well as for chicken parts.

Prefer a convection cooking technic for barbecuing chicken, means that the meat is on the opposite side of the flames. Let the product cook "slow and low" to reach the perfect temperature.

Essential tools

It is impossible to know the exact internal temperature of a piece of meat or poultry just by looking at the visual appearance obtained during cooking.

It takes a cooking thermometer with a long enough shaft to reach the center of the meat .

The thermometer is an essential tool to have and very affordable for a few dollars in all food equipment stores.