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It is known that Quebec's pork products are of the highest quality meat possible on the market. La Préférence butcherstores offer only fresh pork products Québec every time, every week.

Like any other meat products you find in our butcherstores, pork products are selected by our butchers every day, for every cuts and are characterized by a slightly lean pink meat color.

It's on an almost daily basis that we receive new shipment of pork products like loins, shoulder and legs to our butcherstores to offer you a product of an incomparable freshness.

For every taste

Certaily the products that we are offering the largest variety of cuts. We are particulary proud to our faithfull clients, the highest prok quality products from Québec. Braised , grilled or simmered, come visit us in stores t ochat about your next meal or barbecue.

Special cuts

Several new name and pork cuts have made their appearance in recent years in the meat business. It is our pleasure to serve you a whole new variety of pork products prepared to your taste and cut for you.