Cuisiner pour les amis et la famille

Hearty feast

ideas and suggestions

The raclettes

Let us help you prepare all the meat you'll need for your next raclette dinner . Our experts butchers carefully cuts and prepare your fresh meat according to your preferences. Suggestions:

  • Beef or chicken strips
  • Satay
  • Mini Kebabs
  • Homemade sausages
  • Tenderloin
Select and choose the most lean and tender parts such as filet and tenderloins.

Ask our butchers to marinated or to spice your meat. You'll only have to setup your diner for your party.

Our fondues

Chinese or "bourguignonne",you'll fine at all time in every butcherstore La Préférence everything you need to prepare a fantastic meal around a fondue. Dare to vary the different types of meats combined with different broths to obtain at each time, new results and discover original and new flavors.

We also hold in stock several kinds of Canton dipping sauce and broths.