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Veal meat available in our stores are carefully sorted and selected among the best and most tender products offered by our Québec local suppliers. Each part or veal cut is inspected upon receipt of products to offer our customers the best products .

It is from these high-quality products that we offer semi-prepared products and cuts such as veal paupiettes, veal scalopinis or lean veal stewing cubes.

We hold in stock at all times fine veal products like veal sweetbread, calf liver sliced thin or thick depending on your preference, veal chops Hotel style and milk fed veal tenderloin.

Veal chops

The quintessential piece de resistance. Rich in flavor and tender to the highest point, these veal products offers a juicy texture when cooked to perfection. Season with fresh herbs such as rosemary or thyme and brush with your best olive oil.

Veal Paupiettes

Freshly hand made daily by our french butcher, veal Paupiettes from La Préférence Fraichement fabriqué chaque jour par nos maître boucher, les paupiettes de veau de La Préférence is an original meal that will surprise your guests. Tasty an healthy. Serve with your favorite pasta side dish or fresh salad from the garden.


Sweetbreads lovers are served at La Preference where they find at all times the highest quality of fresh veal sweetbreads. We also hold them frozen to make sure you can always find them in store. We receive 3 times a week, large amount of sweetbread in our Butcherstores. Give us a call to learn more on our next arrivals and ask our specialist for cooking recipes.

Veal loin

Available sliced in chops or in boneless roast, loin of veal cuts provides a very lean meat but also very tender with tenderloin part. Feel free to grill your chops to release all the fine flavors of this meat.